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Digital Marketing for you … We synchronize all Google Positioning tools such as Analytics, Ads; SEO positioning software implementation; We optimize websites for better performance on mobile devices; We run online stores to promote your tangible and intangible products … and more!

Digital Marketing

Community Manager online… We manage your Social Networks and promote them, causing an increase in your online sales.

Digital Marketing.

We offer you strategies, graphic design, shape your brand with your own image and style… In this way we guarantee an increase in followers, likes, comments and therefore a positive impact on increasing your online sales.
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Excellent professionalism. I strongly recommend your work, on issues of utmost importance to boost your business. There is a consultancy on issues that doctors are not aware of that allows us to project ourselves. To the above he added the human quality and the camaraderie that Alex possesses.

Dr. Jheymmy Ortiz
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My greatest admiration is very professional and highly trained in his field, he has offered me the opportunity to manage my own business and learn details of systems to which we do not have any type of training! Very grateful for your great support! Super recommended!

Dr. Ana Lilia Franco
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He is excellent in his area, has experience and also theoretical knowledge and always up-to-date. It handles marketing in a very comprehensive way (photography, design, editing, positioning, etc.) and with very good results.

Dr. Omar Ortega
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Alex designed our websites for us, Salon Merlot and Novias Bellas, both with interactive designs and excellent photographs. He also gave us digital marketing courses and thanks to this we positioned ourselves on social networks. To this day he is the best in his field, offering the best product in each field he handles... Graphic design, web design, digital marketing and photography. 100% recommended and grateful for your services.

Salón Merlot
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Alex is very professional in what he does, taking into account the costs of his services, which in comparison to other competitors without more accessible. If you are looking for advice in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design or Web Design ... He is the best option in the region.

Paulina Cruz - Wedding Planner
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Web design…

Mobile optimization
Your site will look great on any mobile device or computer.
SEO implementation
I design websites with organic optimization to obtain an SEO positioning and thus be able to be ranked by search engines such as Google, Bing, Firefox, Duck Duck Go among others.
Website with online store
Development of websites optimized to sell online, charge with credit cards, payment market, stripe, paypal, among others… Make your business grow!
Custom domain
Get a custom domain name that matches your brand and business.
Boost your brand
If you are not yet on the web and you want to let the world know that you exist and have a good product or service…
You will get an excellent design accompanied by the best security coverage to protect your brand.
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SEO implementation? Web positioning

Brand management
We position your website through the correct implementation of SEO so that you appear in Google searches.

We take care of your website, we always keep it updated for its correct operation, we update the information and we attend to the SEO for its organic positioning.

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Small Business and Personal Pages (Professionals)

Assistance from Monday to Friday
SEO implementation
Commitment to keep your website safe against spam and hacking.



Assistance 365 days a year
SEO update and implementation
Commitment to keep your website safe against spam and hacking.
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